Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TV Time

The best interview I’ve seen with Nader is the one he did with Tabitha Soren at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. It lasted about an hour. Soren spent about forty-five minutes asking Nader pretty much every question she could think of, then Nader took audience questions for about fifteen minutes. If you have an extra hour, I really recommend watching it, especially if Nader comes across to you as sort of an angry, bitter guy; when he doesn’t have to stress about cramming his entire message into thirty-second sound bites, then of course he seems friendlier and more relaxed. Here’s the video:

I mention the Soren interview because Nader is finally getting network media time; he was on the NBC Nightly News last night. The video of that segment is at the end of this post, but I really recommend you watch the full interview he did with Ron Allen, especially if you’re confused about why Nader’s running, what he stands for, and what separates him from the two major-party candidates--and if you don’t have an hour to spend watching the Soren interview. Allen asks Nader some tough questions, and Nader gives completely honest answers. It’s about seventeen minutes, which may seem long, but it’s a lot shorter than the Soren interview, and when you think about it, everyone’s probably spent way more than seventeen minutes watching Obama and McCain on TV. So, it’s not the best Nader interview out there, but it is fantastic, especially considering that it’s “only” seventeen minutes.

Here’s the full Allen interview:

And here’s the two-minute segment that was shown on TV:

Coming up in future posts: my thoughts on W., and why I respect Obama supporters.

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